Etusivu | The Translator’s Guide to the Industry | CHAPTER 2 – PROFESSIONALISM



This chapter discusses the routines related to commissions received by language service businesses. These are often challenging topics for beginner entrepreneurs, whose questions frequently come up on translator forums in the form of, “What should I do in this situation?”

Experienced language professionals have established routines that are based on trial and error, advice from even more experienced translators, or prior experience working in a translation agency. These routines spare you from the effort of having to reinvent the wheel with every commission, thereby speeding up your work and making it profitable. When basics such as accounting, file organization, and invoicing have become established routines, you are left free to focus on the commission and its details instead.

Contents of Chapter Two:

Systematic Process

Steps of the Translation process
Steps of the Interpreting process vaiheet
Translating Literature
Responsibility for Quality of Work and Data Process
Justifying and Explaining Your Decisions