Some translation agencies use an assignment-specific purchase order (PO) in addition to the framework agreement. This is used to lay out the details of an individual assignment, for example the delivery time and fees.

The purchase order is therefore a supplementary part of the framework agreement and becomes binding after approval. You should always check the purchase order carefully and make sure that the delivery time and other details are consistent with what has actually been agreed. It’s easy to make mistakes in a hurry, even if it’s the project manager of a large translation agency, so check the purchase order carefully and immediately ask or report any inconsistencies you notice. The details include at least the price (has the minimum price been taken into account, has the wrong price per word slipped in – these should be corrected before starting the work). The error could also be a language pair that you do not offer – it is worth asking and correcting it if there is even a small chance that the customer has really meant the language pair in the purchase order, but the correct language pair may have been included in your correspondence and then the coordinator may have overridden the wrong language pair in the PO.