In addition to self-employment, language professionals can find employment in the public and private sectors. For more information on where translation and interpreting graduates find employment in Finland, see Töissä.fi (English)

There are many jobs where language professionals can make use of their skills. For instance, companies often require substantial amounts of ‘invisible’ translation, i.e., the production of business-related texts in different languages, regardless of whether this is perceived as translating per se. Moreover, companies value and seek out employees with language skills for proofreading, translating, and understanding foreign-language documents. 

Companies also employ professionals from other fields whose job description includes translating. For instance, the basic competence required of lawyers, accountants, and marketing experts includes the ability to produce reports, memos, and press releases related to their field in different languages. If your own job description has room for more translation and your employer is amenable to it, you can start marketing your language skills to colleagues within your company. Much like a private entrepreneur, you can further develop your job description by being active, networking, and developing ideas.